Friday, March 2, 2012


Got the template fixed!
And now, we have a new fresh look!


A good day has just began!

Thursday, March 1, 2012



I just realized that template that I've been using is gone!
That's why the photobucket message appear as my background!
Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

Gonna redo it as soon as I have time.

I'm back! ALIVE!

Wow..I've not been blogging for at least 2 years!

The blog has been left abandoned. If it is not because I need to submit a blog as my assignment for my MBA, I guess I will be abandoning it for another year. Haih~

There's an old saying - "Life is short". Seriously, I am 100% agreeing to the sentence. As you grow older, time seems to be cut shorter and there's when people struggle to earn more time (as if you can buy time?? hahaha~).

Growing old, I tend to meet with a lot of people. Some are quite weird though. A few acquaintances that I've encountered recently reminds me that we, people are not perfect. Some are smart. Some are funny too. Some are interesting.

Scenario 1:
Man: I don't understand why a bag that cost RM1400 is considered cheap. It has no value and yet people still spend that amount money on it.
Me: (Thinking deeply - Of course, you don't. RM1400 for a luxury brand of bag is definitely cheap)

Scenario 2:
A woman trying to cut queue in the toilet by walking up head and pretending that other people do not know. I was irritated and I looked at her.
Woman: Is the toilet broken? Why the queue is so long?
Me: I think not. Everyone else is queuing (I am indirectly hinting to her to queue!)
Woman: If it is not broken, then why the toilet door is closed?
Me: Because there is someone inside!

What is happening nowadays? Where are their common senses? Am I expecting to much?
Perhaps I've been meeting with a number of them recently, some bimbo(s) and himbo(s). I've start to lose my patient attending to them.

Well now, I've found the best way to handle them.
If they are bimbo(s), I should act like one too.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Counting down to year 2010

I wondered if I should write this post depressingly or should I just be tremendously happy to welcome the year of 2010.

In a few more days to come, I'll turn 28. An age that I've never expected myself to be whom I am now! Just ridiculously WTF!

When I was a naive 18 yrs old girl, these was how I thought I will be in 10yrs time:
  • Old and mature, with a career of course!
  • Just got married, starting a new family, of course with the guy I was with. (Well, I did really plan to marry him. He's a BF + Husband material. Too bad, he's not mine anymore and he's already taken.)
Blah! Too much disclosure.

And I am just the total opposite of what I've been thinking of, while many are getting marry or have been already married. Some are with children too! Wow..this is the age where I should have been called an "AUNTY"! Gosh, keep me out of this!

Thinking of all the things that I've done for the year 2009, let me list down a few accomplishments (though there are some negative ones. sigh~) :
  • I'm still attached to Sony. Still in the same department, working on embedded programming. Bravo to me! Ending this week, it'll mark 1yr 10mths.
  • Gain some weight. That's about 3kg of weight. My last weight recorded a surprisingly 48kg. I remembered there was once I almost hit 50kg. Sigh. I shall make a new year resolution to lose the extra weight that I've gained. Needless to say, I shall skip all supper, oily food, and do more exercise!
  • I run more than I've done all this while! Challenged the Standard Chartered 10km marathon, and I'd clocked about 1hr 42mins. For some time, I've been diligently slow jogging for at least 30mins, 3 times a week (It was 1 hr practice before the marathon). However, being hardworking makes no good for my thighs and calves. They are growing bigger.

Shookie's completion medal plus certificate. *Proud*

  • Lost my handbag and phone. Karen was the unlucky one too! We kept our belongings in the car while touring around Titiwangsa Lake, and it was just the right time for our stuffs to be stolen! Our damages: 2 Coach wallets, 1 Nokia handphone, few hundreds MYR, and about 500 HKD! Curse on the thieves!!
  • A few attacks of sprained wrist on the right hand. I was very worried that it will be the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), though the doctor said that it was not! However, Mum is the unlucky one. She'll be having the CTS surgery on the 6th of Jan 2010. Pray for the success of her surgery (though it's a minor surgery) and good health in 2010.

Heavily on bandaged. And I acted as if I'm ULTRAMAN.

  • Submitted my Master application. Pray hard that I'll be selected! (Mali-mali-mali-hom..come to me!!)
  • Keeping my hair short. Yeah, it's a year with hair shorter than my shoulder length.
  • Biggest lost of the year - a relationship, a love that is not able to grow beyond 3 yrs. Not to worry about me, I'm healing.
  • Lastly, Baby Cheng and I decided to start our blog. And this is the blog that you are reading right now!
I'm not a person who will make new year resolutions every year. NOT EXACTLY INTO IT. Because I'll never stick to it, and I bet most of the people don't too!

However, for the coming year, I'll make myself a motto:


Life is short. So, live life as if there's no tomorrow. Be better tomorrow than today.

Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Confession of X'mas!

Merry X'mas!!!!

I've been abandoning the blog for quiet some time. Gosh, I feel real bad. And since X'mas is just around the corner, this is the opportunity for me to redeem myself. *big grin*

** Baby Cheng is still busy, with study & exams. Poor her!

I'm superbly glad that I'll be having a long holiday, starting tomorrow, marking the date of 25th December 2009 till 4th of January 1010. It'll be a stay-at-home, relax time out from just anything. I've been crazily stressed at work over the past few months. It was just scary.

Work --> Work --> Work. The never ending work. My brain is seldom at rest. And I just couldn't believe myself that I've been an evil working machine at work. Some of them are little achievements that I should be quite proud of. Haha~

Here's a list of my crazy happening events in office (or just anything related/caused by my office buddies):
  • Staying overnight in office. Clock out only at 5am!
  • Lots of supper. Thanks to late office leaving, most of the time, it's around 9-10pm.
  • Crazily catch up on the Digital TV knowledge and C++. Just before I have time to learn what OOP is about, I'm already started coding. Thanks Muz for always chasing stuffs!
  • Shouted at Casley Blast for irritating me. It was just an emotional breakdown. I felt guilty now. Sorry! (If you do happen to read this)
  • Some WEIRD/CRAZY people keep reading my monitor. (or shall i say watching me from behind?)
  • Being put on an outing that I do not have any idea.
  • Knowing a fanatic people (SohBeng) that declare himself from an "awesome" planet.
  • Scandals of me, rumouring around. Needless to say.

I think I just need a small space or just a short moment for me to burst out loud. So here it goes. Kinda stupid, I know.

Just a small post on the X'mas eve. Have fun everyone! I'll gonna have a blast, and hope everybody will have the same.

Lots of hugs and love you, office buddies! Tschus!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An Unfruitful SS501 Autograph Session

3rd Sept 2009. I made a silly outing which I predict not many people at my age will do. It was extremely silly because there was nothing that Baby Cheng and me had benefited from it.


We went to the Korean Boy Band, SS501 Autograph Session!

At first, we thought that it was a "Meet The Fans" session, where they will be having a short performance plus the autograph session, hence we make our way there. To our disappointment, only autograph session was held. Sigh~

Arriving late, around 6.15pm, we do not hope for anything good. Baby Cheng was late, due to massive jam at MRR2, despite the fact that she tried to leave college around 3.30pm. I was driving like a mad fella, overtaking cars and speeding wherever I can.

On the way up to Jasmine/Orchid Ballroom in One World Hotel, we noticed this inside the elevator.

Guide to the venue.

And this was how the crowd looks like when we arrived.

The queue of fans until the car park area!
Align Center

Unbelievably crowded. I could not believe it with my eyes! Never had it come to my mind that SS501 already has so many fans in Malaysia, what more when the announcement of the fans meeting session was only confirmed the day before!

We tried to make our ways to the queue, only to find out that the security was very tight.

Personnel guarded outside the ballroom, at all accessible areas.

Outside the glass door, we found out that SS501 members were inside the ballroom area. Fans were lead into the ballroom, in a small numbers. Once, the door were opened, all the fans were screaming! HAVOC! Total havoc, I mean! They were pushing among themselves too!

For us, we had no chance to meet SS501 at all! All the CDs were sold out. No performance. And they were seated inside the ballroom! No point queuing anymore. We were disappointed.

10 minutes later, some fans exiting the ballroom in a very calm, peaceful manner. Once outside, they started to scream happily! The joy of meeting SS501 and getting their signature!

Fans happily sharing their experiences.

Some are frustrated too! WHY? Due to the overwhelming response from the fans, they are only allowed to get one member's signature, to provide opportunities for all the fans to meet SS501. To make thing worse, they are not allowed to choose which member's they were like to have signature on their CDs. It was decided by the management so that SS501 will be able to catch their flight which was scheduled later at night.

We took some photos of the albums that SS501 had signed. Thanks to the fans for letting us to do so! You know who you are! Thanks!!

Kim Kyu Jong's autograph

Top: Heo Young Saeng's autograph
Bottom: Kim Hyun Joong's autograph

Our disappointed faces!! Baby Cheng even want to bang her head on the wall!! Lolz!

We left soon after, for our dinner. Having difficulty to decide our dinner, we bump into O'Briens in 1U. Healthy food, so why not?

O'Briens banner outside the shop.

A variety of ingredients for their sandwiches

Plenty of choices.

These are what we had ordered.

Top: Chicken, Chicken Crisp & Cheddar Hot Shambo
Bottom: Chicken Cranberry Wrappo. We had the wheat wrappo as healthier choice.

Baby Cheng is a happy person altogether! Of course with my favourite minestrone soup!

Pen off now. Disappointingly sienz.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Unbeatable scores!

DAMM IT! Baby Cheng had frustrated me! A LOT! I really mean A LOT!! She had beaten my high scores for the Minesweeper "Expert" with 99 bombs!

She was extremely excited with her result that she called me up at work, telling me of her achievement.


Minesweeper's High Scorers

I am sure that there are still many other better players that can beat this score, but least, this is something that we can be proud of, despite me always having my wrist twisted. Not bad huh?